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Jennifer Vavra-Borcherding

Community Leader

Occasionally an elected official represents Iowa as a true public servant. Liz Bennet is that elected official. Liz pursues work and votes for legislation that elevates Iowa and its citizens.

She listens to constituents’ concerns with an ear toward deep understanding. Liz also listens to constituents' dreams and works to make them a reality when possible.

Regardless of issue, Liz actively opposes legislation that does harm. Liz also supports legislation that supports Iowa. Liz is helping establish groundwork for Iowa to become a better version of itself. A more compassionate, more educated, more inclusive version of itself.

Liz has the knowledge and legislative history to get things done. She is aware of the working of the Iowa Legislature and has relationships with others that help promote positive growth for Iowa. She knows when to listen to experts and Liz most definitely knows when she is the expert. She uses her expertise for the benefit of all.

Liz Bennett navigates interactions with constituents and interactions with legislators with grace and diplomacy. Even when Liz disagrees with a viewpoint she still engages in conversation while maintaining the other person’s dignity.

Liz leads with the kind of civility we need in politics, now more than ever before.

Jennifer Vavra-Borcherding
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