• Liz Bennett

Sunrise Movement CR Endorses Liz Bennett for Senate

"...Liz Bennett has been an ardent ally of Sunrise Movement Cedar Rapids since our inception, offering critical support during a very difficult period of building our movement. A core part of our

ethos is fighting for vulnerable populations who don’t typically have access to decision makers, including the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Liz has used her position in the Iowa Legislature to publicly advocate for these populations to an Iowa legislature that’s been mostly hostile, callous, or indifferent. Her willingness to fight in such extreme circumstances exemplifies her passion for our common causes.

In 2020 we endorsed Liz for her Iowa House campaign and many of our members volunteered for her campaign. The bond we formed is a perennial one that won’t change with the seasons.

Of paramount importance, though, is that Liz Bennett has a history of fighting for climate issues in the Iowa House, including bills that:

  • Ensure that our communities have access to clean water. Especially for those in the most precarious situations.

  • Place moratorium on CAFOs, which are exceptionally destructive to our environment.

  • Have called for the creation of an agricultural adaptation advisory task force.

  • Pushed for Iowa to join the United States Climate Alliance.

  • Helped make solar power more accessible and affordable.

  • Mandate direct purchase of nutritious and healthy food from local and regional producers, something that aligns very much with our 501c3 organization’s Farm-to-Food-Pantry program.

Given this track record of fighting for climate and vulnerable communities, Sunrise Movement Cedar Rapids is proud to endorse Liz Bennett for State Senate. We feel that Liz needs to remain as a strong voice and figure in the Iowa Legislature. We hope that through our endorsement and enduring support of her campaign, Liz can continue her vital leadership and advocacy work in the State Senate." Full Statement


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