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More About Liz

As a State Representative, Liz stands for a progressive vision of Iowa which includes actively combating climate change, assuring that Iowa’s youth gets a world-class education, raising the minimum wage, using smart policy to bring needed jobs to Iowa, and working to attract and retain young workers.


In a time when Republicans seem determined to make headlines with discriminatory, radical legislation targeting teachers and LGBTQ kids, we need leaders like Liz Bennett serving Cedar Rapids in the Iowa Senate.

Iowa has been a place of opportunity for Liz, and that fuels her fire for removing barriers to opportunities for other Iowans. She started her adult career at Yellow Book, USA and worked her way through Kirkwood Community College. Liz earned a scholarship to Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa and graduated in 2010 with a double major in Politics and Women’s Studies. After working for One Iowa, Liz worked in various capacities for, and now works for

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